Rehearsal May 18, 2017

Los Angeles Jazz Institute Big Band Spectacular

Welcome to the penultimate rehearsal before “the Spectacular”

There were a few subs. The five trumpet feature on ”Echoes“ was one horn short the first time through. After some hurried bandstand cell calls with one ear plugged with a finger,  a suitable player was located. He arrived just as the break ended — in time for two run-throughs and change of Echoes of Aranjuez.

Tickets and brunch seats still available:

L.A. Jazz Institute Big Band Spectacular
The Westin Los Angeles Airport, Grand Ballroom
5400 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045
Tickets 562-200-5477


Charts played:

18. T and W #2
69 Blue Daniel
Echoes of Aranjuez I, II, III, IV, I, II, III, IV, I, II, III, IV, IV
2 After You’ve Gone