KCRW’s “Strictly Jazz” with Bo Leibowitz

Bill Holman met with veteran jazz DJ Bo Leibowitz

Click here to listen to Bo Leibowitz’s show “Strictly Jazz”. Interview starts at 1 hour and 1 minuet 15 seconds.

Bill Holman met with veteran jazz DJ Bo Leibowitz to tape an interview to be aired on Saturday morning November 11, 2017 from 3-6 am on KCRW 89.9 In Los Angeles. It will stream live on the East Coast 6-9 am on KCRW.com It is available on line here.

Bo asked questions about how Bill got started with the Stan Kenton Orchestra and how much Gerry Mulligan influenced his arranging style.

A highlight of the show came when Bo introduced a 1954 recording of Charlie Parker playing “My Funny Valentine.” with the Stan Kenton Orchestra. The chart was written by Bill Holman for Parker to perform with the Orchestra. “I didn’t write much for the band to play, I was afraid to do too much and get in Bird’s way” Bill said after listening to the recording. Bo asked him how long it had been since he’d heard it. “That was the first time.” Bill replied.

In addition to talking about the Indiegogo.com fundraiser for the film Charting Jazz: The Mastery of Bill Holman, Bo drew lots of questions from the new book edited by Bill Dobbins, Conversations with Bill Holman, Thoughts and Recollections of a Jazz Master.

For more information about the indiegogo.com campaign, click here.

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