Jazz at LACMA is an LA tradition hosted by Mitch Glickman. The Bill Holman Big Band took a turn on April 26, 2019.

Summer tours are ended, fewer subs, more regulars; ramping up for fall gigs, but first; Labor Day barbecues.

Charts Played:

125 Bye Ya, 116 Bemsha Swing, 153 Zoot ‘N’ Al Kirstin Edkins and Doug Web, 167 Just Sayin’, 167 Tenderness , 120 Make My Day, 28 Stompin’ at the Savoy, 190 Covfefe , 149 Barry Me Not Bob Efford bari feature, 168 Shake the Air, 2 After You’ve Gone

While still trying to figure out how to pronounce “Covfefe” the band powers through a mid August rehearsal at the still-feels-new Burbank Musician’s Union 47.

Charts played: 62 St. Thomas, 145 Sunshine, 91 Moon of Manakoorah, 12 Quick Step, Covfefe, What’s New, Summers, Airigen

Late Summer and a few subs in the band at American Federation of Musicians Local 47. Willis is working through a new chart: Covfefe.

Charts run-through:

Any Dude’ll Do
A Day in the Life
101 No Joy in Mudville
144 The Big Izzy
68 Isn’t She Lovely
170 Covfefe
121 Misterioso
44 The Man I Love
136 ‘Round Midnight
64 After You’ve Gone



The Bill Holman band rehearses at American Federation of Musicians Local 47.

Some of the charts played this week: Just Sayin, Strait no Chaiser, 151 Everything I Love, When the Sun Comes Out, Raincheck, The Real You, Covfefe, 113 Ruby My Dear , 166 M*A*S*H

The Bill Holman Big Band has come together at Local 47 for a few mid summer rehearsals. This time, lots of subs, even a regular subbing for a regular: Kirsten Edkins, second tenor sat in for first tenor Doug Webb.

Some of the charts played: Quick Step, M*A*S*H, Friday the Thirteenth, A Day in the Life, St. Thomas, Rythm-A-Ning

Bill Holman met with veteran jazz DJ Bo Leibowitz

Click here to listen to Bo Leibowitz’s show “Strictly Jazz”. Interview starts at 1 hour and 1 minuet 15 seconds.

Bill Holman met with veteran jazz DJ Bo Leibowitz to tape an interview to be aired on Saturday morning November 11, 2017 from 3-6 am on KCRW 89.9 In Los Angeles. It will stream live on the East Coast 6-9 am on KCRW.com It is available on line here.

Bo asked questions about how Bill got started with the Stan Kenton Orchestra and how much Gerry Mulligan influenced his arranging style.

A highlight of the show came when Bo introduced a 1954 recording of Charlie Parker playing “My Funny Valentine.” with the Stan Kenton Orchestra. The chart was written by Bill Holman for Parker to perform with the Orchestra. “I didn’t write much for the band to play, I was afraid to do too much and get in Bird’s way” Bill said after listening to the recording. Bo asked him how long it had been since he’d heard it. “That was the first time.” Bill replied.

In addition to talking about the Indiegogo.com fundraiser for the film Charting Jazz: The Mastery of Bill Holman, Bo drew lots of questions from the new book edited by Bill Dobbins, Conversations with Bill Holman, Thoughts and Recollections of a Jazz Master.

For more information about the indiegogo.com campaign, click here.

In this fascinating interview, Bill Holman talks about how Jazz captured his imagination, how he became part of the L.A Jazz scene in the 50s, and some the major influences that led to his becoming one of the world’s most influential composers and arrangers.

There’s a documentary on Bill’s career being made. You can find out more: click here.

Bill Holman NEA Jazz ArtistWe wanted to let fans of Bill Holman Music know that there’s a video being produced on Bill’s life and musical legacy – “Charting Jazz, The Mastery of Bill Holman

You can find out more about the project and how you can help here.

But before you go, we’d LOVE to hear from anyone who has memories, anecdotes, or questions that they’d like to share about Bill or his music. Please post them here!